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Additive Manufacturing Technology

The Engineering & Design Team at Axtonne is a group of experts with industry-leading additive manufacturing experience. These highly trained engineers and designers can be contracted to support your in-house design team throughout the product development process from prototyping to production. They help teams use additive manufacturing technology in conjunction with traditional industrial manufacturing methods to drive greater innovations. If you have ideas for manufactured parts, Axtonne’s team of experts can guide you through the manufacturing process.¬†

You can confidently develop products faster and in better ways that utilize the newest tools and cutting-edge technologies, materials, and processes. Be on the forefront of innovative methods by plugging in our design, engineering, and manufacturing resources throughout your product development process. It is our technology-neutral approach, dynamic resources, passionate experts, and manufacturing agility that helps companies bring their manufactured parts from concept to reality. Contact our team directly for a personalized quote today!

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