As a leading molding supplier, Axtonne can provide plastic injection molding services for your business. We offer custom manufacturing services to fit your needs, such as blow molding, tooling, and much more. Contact us today for a customized quote! 


Single-Source Global Solution (Low- To High-Volume Part Needs, Thousands Of Part Material Options), Tools Can Be Built For 250K to 1M Shots, DFM Overview With Every Initial Quote. Leverage our 65+ years of experience of industrial manufacturing for your next project! 

Team Works Within Flexible Guidelines (Protect Design Intent & Meet Part Functionality, Hybridized Methods Involving Additive Manufacturing Technology). 

Single-Source Global Solution

Rapid Tools

Prototype Tool

Production Tool

Tools Can Be Built For 250K to 1M Shots

DFM Overview With Every Initial Quote

Team Works Within Flexible Guidelines

Plastic Injection Molding & Molding Supplier
Tooling & Plastic Injection Molding


Axtonne is a plastic injection molding & molding supplier specializing in blow molding, tooling, prototyping, and other types of industrial and commercial product manufacturing. For over 65 years we have served as a leader in the manufacturing industry, and our commitment to quality has enabled us to support our customers throughout the part creation process. When tight tolerances and high accuracy are required, our team is able to provide consistent results in record time and help you achieve solutions for your business.


What Is Plastic Injection Molding?


Injection molding is the most common method used in the manufacturing of plastic products around the world and provides businesses with a fast, cost-effective way to mass-produce their products to meet customer demand. Simply put, melted plastic in liquid form is injected into a mold, where it then hardens. Once the mold is removed, the product is ready for finishing. At Axtonne, the process with which we create molds, as well as our injection process, is what sets us apart as we ensure that defects and other imperfections are eliminated so that less finishing is required.  As a leading plastic injection molding supplier,  our standards and expertise ensure that your plastic products are manufactured accurately, even with extremely rigid tolerances.


A Single-Source Global Solution


Serving businesses around the globe, Axtonne is your source for plastic injection and blow molding and can turn your idea into reality. Whether you have high or low-volume part needs, we have thousands of material options to choose from and can build tools for between 250,000 and 1,000,000 shots. High precision is required for plastic parts used by countless industries such as consumer electronics, toys and leisure products, furniture, and more, and we have perfected our process for injecting, cooling, hardening, and finishing to ensure that you receive exactly the parts that you need to fulfill your product’s purpose. Rely on the top plastic injection molding and molding supplier and get a customized quote from Axtonne  on your next project.

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